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Gender party balloons, Pink and Gold, 102 pcs

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About this product

Gender party balloons, Rose and Gold, 102 pcs

Our gender party balloons, Rose and Gold , are carefully crafted using a specific method to ensure quality and durability. Each balloon is precisely injected to achieve the iconic Rose and Gold  hues of this festive occasion. After meticulous quality control, the balloons are sealed hermetically and packed with care, ready to add a magical touch to your gender reveal party. Made of high-quality latex, thick and durable, they can be used with confidence. However, please be careful to avoid excessive heat exposure and sharp objects.

The Gender party balloons, Rose and Gold , add a touch of originality and magic to your gender reveal. With their distinctive color and exceptional quality, these balloons create a unique and romantic atmosphere during this special event. Their use provides a creative and emotional way to share this intimate moment with your loved ones, making the gender reveal even more memorable and unforgettable.

The maintenance of the gender party balloons, Rose and Gold , 135 pieces, is straightforward. Store them in a cool, dry place before use, and gently clean them after use. Then, store them in a clean place to preserve their quality.

With their distinctive design and exceptional quality, the Gender party balloons , Rose and Gold , reflect our commitment to making every gender reveal memorable. Choose Octagoon for an unforgettable experience, where each product is carefully selected to create precious memories for you and your loved ones.


Our Gender party balloons, Rose and Gold, 102 pcs includes :

20 pink balloons

10 white balloons,

40 sand pink balloons

30 gold balloons

A roll of balloon chain and adhesive dots.


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