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New gender reveal ideas Multicolored wooden toes22mm 50pcs

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About this product

New gender reveal ideas peton en bois Multicolore

These adorable multicolored wooden feet are carefully crafted to add a touch of creativity to new gender reveal ideas. Made from high-quality natural wood, each foot is meticulously cut and polished to ensure precise shape and a smooth surface. With their artisanal production, these feet offer an original and playful solution to announce the arrival of the newborn and surprise loved ones during the celebration.

These multicolored wooden feet offer an innovative solution for new gender reveal ideas. By providing an original and playful way to announce the arrival of the newborn, they allow parents to create memorable moments and share the joy of this news with their loved ones. With these wooden feet, new parents can surprise their family and friends during the birth celebration, thus adding a special and creative touch to the event.

The multicolored wooden feet are simple and charming decorative elements designed to add a playful touch to new gender reveal ideas. They can be easily placed on a party table or incorporated into gender reveal games. During the celebration, the feet can be used to creatively and originally indicate the baby's gender. For example, they can be hidden in a reveal cake or used in a guessing game where guests have to guess the baby's gender by choosing a foot. With their versatility and playful appearance, the multicolored wooden feet offer a fun and memorable way to announce the arrival of the newborn during gender reveal parties.

The multicolored wooden feet are easy to maintain. To clean them, simply wipe them gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposing them to excessive moisture or heat, as this could damage the wood. By taking care of these feet, you can use them repeatedly for different gender reveal occasions and keep them as precious mementos of your baby's birth.

Octagoon is a brand dedicated to bringing joy to new parents by offering original and creative ideas to celebrate the arrival of their baby. With a commitment to innovation, Octagoon strives to create unique products, such as multicolored wooden feet, that add a special touch to each gender reveal party. Continuously seeking to push the boundaries of creativity, Octagoon inspires parents to share unforgettable moments with their loved ones during these New gender reveal ideas.


number of pieces: Set of 50 multicolored wooden feet

Dimensions: 22mm in length

Material: High-quality natural wood


How do you make a unique gender reveal?

To create a unique gender reveal, you can use Octagoon's multicolored wooden feet. These feet offer an original and playful way to announce the gender of your baby to your loved ones during the gender reveal party. By hiding the color of the foot under a reveal cake or using them in a fun game, you can create a memorable and special moment to share this exciting news with your family and friends, incorporating New gender reveal ideas.

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