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Sensory touch books - Baby - BPA-free

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About this item:

The sensory touch books feature 7 adorable animals for babies to explore. Through animal images and vocabulary, babies can enhance their language and communication skills, aiding in brain development. Each page of the book includes a rattle and built-in BB device, designed to capture the baby's attention with sounds and create a rustling noise when turned. With textured 3D animal elements, these sensory touch books engage babies in experiencing various tactile sensations, fostering sensory development and enjoyment.

Sensory touch books are invaluable tools for enhancing your baby's visual development. In the early stages, when a baby's vision is blurry, sensory touch books provide essential stimulation. Newborns are unable to recognize colors, but around 3 months, they become fascinated by black and white patterns. Sensory touch books with contrasting colors help babies develop their visual acuity. By 6 months, babies can distinguish between high-contrast colors, particularly when presented together, making sensory touch books an ideal tool for capturing their attention and fostering visual development.

The sensory touch books for babies are crafted from BPA-free, ensuring durability and reinforced stitching for longevity. With a fabric ring attached to the side, these sensory touch books can easily be secured to the crib, car seat, or stroller, providing convenient on-the-go entertainment for your little one. The compact size of the sensory touch books makes them perfect for keeping your baby engaged and entertained while out and about.

The sensory touch books feature easily cleanable fabric that maintains its color and integrity even after multiple washes, ensuring that your baby's book remains pristine. The durable construction of the soft sensory touch books ensures they will last until your baby outgrows them.

The sensory touch books serve as an ideal introduction to reading for your baby. With its crinkly pages, this sensory touch book engages your baby's senses of sight, sound, and touch, promoting healthy brain development. These lightweight baby fabric books are not only entertaining but also beneficial for your baby's growth. Whether you're choosing a gift for a little girl or a little boy, sensory touch books are a perfect choice.

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