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Educational math toys- magnetic fraction disk demonstrator

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About this Item :

Try our magnetic fraction disk demonstrator! This beautifully designed teaching tool makes it easy for students to learn fractions, including recognition, addition, and subtraction, helping them quickly master these concepts.

✨ Product Features ✨

🧲 Magnetic Design: The numerator and denominator are made of magnetic materials, making them easy to assemble, disassemble, and use flexibly.

🔢 Fraction Demonstration: It visually demonstrates the concept of fractions, helping students understand their meaning and how to work with them.

Educational math toys- magnetic fraction disk demonstrator - Octagoon

📐 Cognition Of Numerators And Denominators: Help students grasp the relationship and meaning of numerators and denominators by manually combining and separating fractions.

➕➖ Addition And Subtraction Operations: It supports fraction addition and subtraction, helping students master the methods and techniques through practice.

👀 Multiple Applications: Suitable for classroom teaching, family tutoring and other scenarios to meet different learning needs.

Educational math toys- magnetic fraction disk demonstrator - Octagoon


Material: Paper


1 x Magnetic Score Disk Demonstrator