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Angel sounds doppler, 0 radiation

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About this item:

The gentle melody of the fetal heartbeat, emitted by the reassuring Doppler Angel Sounds, resonates like a symphony of love in the pregnant woman's womb. It's a delicate melody, a magical connection between the mother and her future treasure. Every beat, every rhythm, tells a story of hope and promises. The fetal heart monitor thus becomes a precious window, allowing the expectant mother to dive even deeper into the growing miracle of life within her, illuminating her maternity journey with a tender and reassuring light, knowing that it poses no negative effects on her baby 0 radiation..

The Angel Sounds Doppler resolves the common concern of expectant mothers regarding their baby's well-being and health during pregnancy. By providing a non-invasive and reassuring way to monitor the fetal heartbeat at home, this product offers peace of mind and reassurance to mothers, allowing them to bond with their baby and alleviate anxiety about their baby's health and development.

The benefits of the Angel Sounds Doppler are manifold. Firstly, it allows expectant mothers to bond with their baby by listening to the comforting sound of their fetal heartbeat, fostering a deeper connection and sense of closeness. Additionally, it provides reassurance and peace of mind by allowing mothers to monitor their baby's heartbeat regularly from the comfort of their own home, reducing anxiety and stress levels. Moreover, the Doppler can also serve as an early detection tool for any potential concerns or irregularities, enabling prompt communication with healthcare professionals for further assessment and intervention if needed. Overall, the Angel Sounds Doppler promotes maternal well-being and confidence throughout the pregnancy journey.

The Angel Sounds Doppler is renowned for its exceptional quality and safety standards, ensuring a reliable and accurate experience for expectant mothers. Crafted with precision and care, it undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent safety regulations, providing peace of mind to both mother and baby. With its non-invasive design, the Doppler poses no negative effects on either the mother or the baby during pregnancy. It allows mothers to monitor their baby's heartbeat with ease and comfort, fostering a sense of reassurance and connection throughout the pregnancy journey.

Specifications :

Power Type: USB

Smart Sensor: Upgraded fetal voice counter Bluetooth application

Dimensions: 144X46X46mm

Material: ABS

Measurement: 60-240 bpm

Operating Mode: Pulse wave

Ultrasound Operating Frequency: 2.5 MHz ± 10%