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Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611- 3.2-inch IPS digital screen

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About this Item :

The advanced  Babyphone camera, TakTark BM611 provides the convenience of monitoring your baby from any room in your home, as well as outdoors. With a range of up to 1500 feet and a secure connection, you can keep an eye on your child with ease. Featuring a vibrant 3.2-inch color display and user-friendly controls, it pairs seamlessly with a versatile, wall-mountable monochrome night vision camera placed in your baby's room or any desired location.

See Everything

The Babyphone camera, TakTark BM611 includes a 3.2-inch color monitor and controls that sync to a wide-eye, wall-mountable monochrome night-vision camera. With a button on the monitor, you can pan, tilt and zoom to look in on your child anytime.

Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611 - Octagoon

Advanced two-way communication

Our Babyphone Camera makes communication easy with its built-in microphone and speaker, allowing for effortless two-way communication. With GFSK technology, you'll enjoy crystal-clear audio without any annoying interruptions. And don't worry about missing anything - the screen lights up whenever your baby cries, ensuring you're always in the loop. 


This baby monitor features a built-in 1150 mAh battery and has an extremely long battery life in VOX mode. In VOX mode, the baby monitor screen automatically switches to standby mode to save energy, providing a quiet and soothing pause. The baby monitor screen lights up when the baby starts to cry, reminding parents to monitor all their baby's movements.

Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611 - Octagoon


Experience uninterrupted surveillance with Babyphone Camera's infrared night vision capability, allowing you to keep a vigilant eye on your baby even in the darkest hours.

Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611 - Octagoon


With the ambient temperature sensor of the Baby Monitor Camera - TakTark BM611, the camera can continuously monitor the temperature of the baby's room at any time, and you'll know it on the monitor. This can help ensure that your baby always feels comfortable and safe.

Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611 - Octagoon

Feeding Clock Reminder for Parents

Within the parental monitor of the Babyphone camera - TakTark BM611, you can set up a clock to remind you to do things like feeding, changing diapers, or other tasks. It can be set to 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours intervals. And don't worry, this won't disturb the baby, the baby unit will remain silent.


 Installation is incredibly simple, much like plug-and-play. Both the parent unit and the camera are pre-configured for monitoring right out of the box—no pairing or connection required. The camera can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall and comes with a stand for optimal mounting.


Rest easy knowing your information stays safe with our Babyphone camera, TakTark BM611. It uses advanced 2.4 GHz encryption to protect your privacy, even without internet access. Video and Audio is transmitted through secure technology, not WiFi, so other devices cannot connect to the baby.


The parent unit monitor features a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of up to 19 hours in energy-saving mode (VOX mode enabled). This system enables you to easily monitor your baby throughout the night.

 Features :

• 3.2-inch IPS digital screen for clear viewing.
• Advanced 2.4 GHz encryption technology to ensure data security.
• Range of up to 1500 feet for monitoring your baby from afar.
• Secure and interference-free connection.
• No need for an internet connection to ensure privacy.
• Wall-mountable monochrome night vision camera for 24/7 monitoring.