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Pregnancy support belt

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About this item:

Wearing the pregnancy support belt is much more than just an accessory. It's a gentle reminder, a tender embrace that wraps around the lower back, supporting every moment of this extraordinary adventure that is pregnancy. This belt becomes the concrete symbol of the unconditional support found during this transformative period. It soothes aches, relieves tensions, and offers silent comfort. It's as if each strap is woven with a particular affection, creating a web of kindness that surrounds the expectant mother with every step. The pregnancy support belt transcends the physical to become a tangible reminder of the love and protection surrounding this precious life in the making.

The belt is designed to support the lower back by evenly distributing pressure across the surface of the back support pads.


  1. Wrap the abdominal lifting accessory around your waist. Position the pad so that it is centered and under the abdomen.

  2. Attach the belt to the pad and pull both elastic sides to the desired tension, securing the closure to the abdominal pad.

  3. To help keep the support in place and prevent it from sliding down, stretch the upper strap over your belly and fasten it opposite on the side for even more lift and support. With the support, lie on your back with your knees.

Features: Breathable, comfortable.

Recommendations: Measure from the lower back to the bottom of the belly. Do not choose based on your maternity pants.

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