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Track your pregnancy-Watch

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About this item:

Are you pregnant? Have you noticed changes in your body, such as an increase in heart rate or stress level, faster breathing, or fatigue? You're not alone. Pregnancy is an exciting time, and it's the perfect opportunity to take control of what you can, like staying healthy with a Pregnancy tracking watch. With a Pregnancy tracking watch, you can monitor your health and well-being throughout this special journey.

The novelty of pregnancy, accompanied by the use of a Pregnancy tracking watch, can bring great joy to some women. As time progresses, feeling life grow in your belly can be exhilarating for many. Hearing the baby's heartbeat and feeling it move also triggers powerful emotions.

With these new features, our Pregnancy Tracking Watch is designed to help you monitor your pregnancy week by week and access educational content related to exercise and nutrition.

Our Pregnancy Tracking Watch ensures:

  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring measures the heart's electrical activity.
  2. Continuous dynamic monitoring of heart rate 24/7, blood pressure, precise and independent blood oxygen, and real-time pressure monitoring.
  3. Temperature monitoring
  4. Blood sugar monitoring
  5. Calorie monitoring
  6. Sleep monitoring
  7. Recording of educational content related to exercise and nutrition

You can set personalized reminders to help you track your hydration goals or remember to practice your Kegel exercises. With the assistance of a Pregnancy tracking watch, you can even get recommendations on weight gain to track your progress. All while monitoring your usual health metrics (including sleep, activities, and more) from your watch to see how your body changes every week, every month, every trimester. User, a Pregnancy tracking watch ensures you stay informed and connected throughout your pregnancy journey.

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