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Hands free breast milk pump - 4 modes and 12 levels of suction

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About this item:

This Hands free breast milk pump becomes a precious ally for moms, offering them the freedom to take care of themselves while nourishing their precious baby, a tender and delicate way to stay connected even when the demands of daily life seem overwhelming. This Hands free breast milk pump provides a convenient and efficient pumping experience, allowing you to carry on with your tasks while expressing breast milk. Its four pumping modes offer flexibility tailored to your needs, while the twelve levels of suction ensure optimal comfort and efficient milk extraction. Thanks to its Hands free breast milk pump design, you can enjoy practical and discreet use, ideal for busy moms.

The Hands free breast milk pump is made of PP and latex-free, nitrosamine-free, phthalate-free, BPA-free, and PV-free silicone materials, ensuring safety and peace of mind for mothers and babies alike. Its high-quality construction provides durability and reliability for long-term use.

This Hands free breast milk pump addresses the challenge faced by breastfeeding mothers who need to express milk while managing other tasks or responsibilities. Traditional breast pumps often require mothers to hold the pump in place manually, limiting their ability to multitask or move freely. With the Hands free breast milk pump, mothers can now express milk without using their hands, allowing them to engage in other activities or care for their baby simultaneously. This innovative solution provides convenience, flexibility, and efficiency, empowering mothers to maintain their breastfeeding routine while juggling various demands of daily life.

The hands free breast pump can be worn under the nursing bra for more convenient pumping. With an LED screen to display the mode and suction level, it's easy to use for every new mother.

Specifications : 

4 modes and 12 levels of suction: The portable hands-free breast pump supports 4 modes (massage mode/suction mode/expression mode/expression mode with different speeds), and each mode has 12 adjustable suction levels. Mothers can easily find a suitable suction level for efficient pumping with the hands-free breast pump.

Anti-backflow and no leakage: The Hands free breast milk pump adopts an anti-backflow design and a sealing system, ensuring that breast milk is prevented from contamination and leakage. Additionally, the Hands free breast milk pump breast shield has a storage capacity of 180ml, providing ample space for milk collection.

No pain and fits well: The Hands free breast milk pump's 112.2mm breast shield fits most breast sizes and is made of soft silicone, ensuring it won't cause pain and will maintain a good seal. Compact and lightweight, it can be easily placed in a backpack for convenient transport with the Hands free breast milk pump.

Built-in battery and low-noise operation: With a built-in 1100mAh rechargeable battery, providing a long operating time, and capable of quick charging via the included USB cable, the Hands free breast milk pump meets your needs perfectly. Designed for convenience and discretion, the sound of the portable breast pump is less than 40dB during operation, ensuring it will not disturb your baby and will not attract the attention of others.

Battery life: about 1.5h after fully charged

Item weight: 242g/8.5oz

Is a hands-free breast milk pump superior to a traditional breast pump?
Unlike traditional breast pumps that rely on AC power and feature lengthy tubing, hands-free USB rechargeable and don't require tubing for suction. This versatile power supply and the discreet nature of hands-free breast pumps give moms the freedom to pump on the go. 
Is the hands-free breast milk pump effective?
Hands-free breast milk pumps may offer a lighter weight compared to standard pumps, facilitating easier transport. Alternatively, you might opt to keep the pump at work to avoid the risk of forgetting it at home.
Do hands-free breast milk pumps reduce milk production?
Hands-free breast milk pumps generally do not lead to a decrease in milk supply when used correctly. Instead, they can assist mothers in maintaining or potentially increasing their milk production by enabling more frequent and convenient pumping sessions. Utilizing a hands-free pump can empower mothers to pump with greater comfort and efficiency, thereby providing valuable support for their breastfeeding experience.

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